Himes Breakfast House is a Best in Class Franchise Opportunity!

About Himes & Why We Stand Out

With remarkable year-over-year sales growth, Himes Breakfast House presents an exceptional opportunity in the thriving breakfast and lunch segment. Established in 2021, Himes Breakfast House burst onto the scene by securing the coveted #1 spot in Creative Loafing’s acclaimed “Top 20 Best New Bars and Restaurants of 2022.”

Our commitment to crafting scratch-made syrups, batters, and hollandaise sets us apart, offering a distinctive and adventurous approach to breakfast. Complementing our mouthwatering menu is our warm and welcoming atmosphere, making Himes the ultimate destination for families, friends, business meetings, and brunches.

In designing Himes Breakfast House, we prioritized the needs of owner-operators. Our streamlined line procedures simplify daily operations, making them a breeze to manage. Furthermore, our limited hours provide flexibility, ensuring that ownership remains enjoyable. With startup costs well below the industry average and our dedicated support team exclusively focused on your success, embracing a Himes Breakfast House franchise empowers you to secure your financial future.

We are seeking individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who are passionate about spreading the love of breakfast within the Tampa Bay Area and beyond. Reach out to us today and demonstrate your commitment to impressing your local community while securing a prosperous future with Himes Breakfast House.

Ready to Own a Himes?

What is Franchising?

New to Franchising? No Worries! We've got you covered!

In the restaurant industry, there are two main models for running a restaurant: independent ownership and franchising.

Let’s dive deeper into the concept of franchising and how it differs from independent ownership.

Independent Ownership: With independent ownership, the restaurant owner has complete control and responsibility over every aspect of the business. They are responsible for creating the concept, designing the restaurant, developing the menu, implementing marketing strategies, creating systems and operational controls, managing cashflow, back office, payroll, technology and the day-to-day operations. While this allows for creative freedom and personalized decision-making, it also requires the owner to invest a significant amount of time and effort into every aspect of the business.

Franchising: On the other hand, franchising offers a different approach. When an individual invests in a franchise, they are essentially buying into a proven and successful business model. The franchisor takes care of many of the time-consuming and burdensome tasks that come with running a restaurant. This includes tasks such as marketing, strategic branding, protocol development, menu creation, development of operational systems and training standards, as well as streamlining back office, payroll and accounting procedures, to name a few.

As a franchisee, you have the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of your restaurant. This includes hiring and training staff, ensuring smooth operations, and focusing on generating sales and a healthy bottom line. One of the key advantages of franchising is the support and community it provides. As a franchisee, you are part of a larger network of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the success of the brand. Rather than viewing other franchisees as competition, they are seen as collaborators, contributing to the overall brand awareness and success. This collective effort leads to greater sales and a healthier bottom line for each individual restaurant.

By leveraging a proven business model, operating system and support provided by the franchisor and actively participating in building the brand’s image and awareness, franchisees have a much higher likelihood of success. Franchising offers the opportunity to be part of a vibrant and supportive community, where everyone is working towards shared goals and collective success.

Why Himes Breakfast House

Strong Financial Performance

Below average start-up costs and above industry average volume make Himes Breakfast House a best-in-class opportunity.

Fantastic Guest Experience

Friendly, personable service, meaningful community connections, and freshly prepared chef inspired, southern dishes are the backbone of
Himes Breakfast House.

High Quality, Simple Operations.

Bring your motivation and entrepreneurial spirit. We will teach you the rest!

Primed for Growth

Since Himes Breakfast House is an emerging brand, there is plenty of opportunity for single or multi-unit operators to get in on the ground floor.


Himes Breakfast House is led by an experienced and passionate team whose only goal is to ensure your long-term financial success by helping you maximize your sales, your profits, and your growth.

Limited Hours of Operation

Operating six days a week from 7am-2pm, Himes Breakfast House allows you to take care of business and still have a life!

How Much Does It Cost?


Minimum Liquidity


Minimum Net Worth

$368,100 – $739,400

Estimated Cost to Open*
(Includes $40,000 Franchise Fee and Cost of Training)

<1 year from signing

Estimated Time to Open




Minimum Marketing Spend

*Consult our franchise disclosure document for more detailed information.

The Team Behind You!

John & Jessica Christen

John’s journey into the restaurant industry began at a young age. At 14, he started as a dishwasher/busser in one of his parents' Shells Seafood restaurants, learning the ropes of the business from the ground up.

After completing his studies at the University of Florida, John returned home to take over the last remaining Shells Seafood restaurant. The Shells Seafood chain had once been a thriving enterprise with 50 restaurants spread across 5 states, generating an impressive annual revenue of over $100 million. However, the economic crash of 2008 had a significant impact on the chain, leading to downsizing and leaving only the original Shells restaurant in Tampa, FL.

During the early days of working the Shells dining room, John met his now-wife Jess, who shared his passion for the restaurant industry. Together, reminiscent of John’s parents who used to work the restaurant together in the 80’s, they set off on a journey to build a family and a business.

John & Jess eventually partnered with Roger Stahl, a longtime regular guest and industry veteran, and they set out to resurrect the iconic Florida brand. Over the next eight years, their efforts led to steady growth, they expanded from a single unit, which initially had a modest annual revenue of $1.3 million, to six units that generated an impressive annual revenue of over $14 million. However, 2020 proved to be a challenging time for the restaurant industry, especially exposing the difficulties faced by nighttime full-service establishments. In response to these challenges, John and Jess had a vision for a new kind of restaurant concept.

They envisioned a restaurant that catered to family-focused owner/operators, one with low start-up and operating costs, easy execution of food preparation, and flexible operating hours. An operation that would champion work life balance, allowing owners and their team to achieve success in the industry they love and still spend evenings with their family. An operation that blends the familiar charm and heartfelt hospitality of a family run business with the industrial and technological know-how of a modern restaurant chain.

Thus, Himes Breakfast House was born.

Roger Stahl

Roger Stahl

Co-Owner / Construction Management
Roger began his career in restaurants in the late 70’s as an equipment repair tech. In 1981, he decided to go into business for himself and started his restaurant equipment repair company, Bay Area Restaurant Appliance Corp. For thirty-four years he immersed himself in restaurant repair, equipment fabrication, facility maintenance and restaurant construction until he sold the company in 2013 to pursue a partnership with JC to rebuild the Shells Seafood Restaurant brand. His 30+ years in restaurant equipment and construction has allowed the pair to open restaurants at a fraction of the cost of a typical restaurant group.


Bill Coyne

Director of Restaurant Operations
Bill’s 30+ years’ experience in multi-unit restaurant operations and management have been instrumental in our expansion. Bill has over 15 restaurant openings under his belt and continues to train and develop teams for success. His experience and knowledge of the restaurant business is an excellent resource for our franchisees.


Sarah Regoord

Director of Franchisee Support
Sarah’s 15+ years of restaurant operations have been instrumental to the implementation of systems and controls which guide the restaurant’s operation. Sarah developed the training outlines and manuals which help hold our team accountable to the high standards Himes Breakfast House set forth as a brand. Sarah has opened 6 restaurants in her career and will be hands on with your restaurant opening as well as all things training and back office.

Steve Pachmacher

Steve Pachmayer

Director of Training
Steve is the GM of the original Himes Breakfast House. His previous experience as a multi-unit franchisee of a national breakfast concept was instrumental in the development of the franchise program. He will be responsible for teaching you everything you need to know about running a Himes Breakfast House.


Steps to Ownership

Tell us about yourself

Complete the form online and we will get back with you shortly!

Have an initial conversation

A quick phone call to see if we are a good fit!

Q & A

A one to two hour phone call to cover any initial questions.

FDD Review

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides you with all the details you need.

Program Review

Your chance to learn about our operations, marketing, support and unit economics.

Discovery Day

Meet the team and live a day in the life of an owner of a Himes Breakfast House!

Franchise Awarded

Congratulations! You've just become the newest owner of a Himes Breakfast House!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any prior experience in the restaurant industry?
You don’t need any prior experience in the restaurant industry, but it would certainly help. We understand that most new franchise owners do not have prior experience, and our standard operating procedures are based on years of experience in the food industry. Our franchise training program is designed to take you step by step through the systems and procedures that run a successful operation. And don’t worry—we will be very hands on during the opening of your restaurant to support you and your team.
How long will I be at training and what can I expect to learn?
Our initial training program consists of approximately four weeks of classroom and on-site training at a company owned location in Tampa, Florida. Training includes you, your general manager, kitchen manager and one additional employee. If you plan on being your own general manager, an additional employee may attend at no extra cost. In addition, three of our representatives will be at your restaurant for up to 7 days or more to help train your team and open your restaurant. Your training program is intensive and includes: Recipes and Prep Procedures, Quality and Service Standards, Inventory Procedures, Equipment and Safety, Brand Compliance, Food Safety, and Sanitation and Health Code Compliance. When you have completed our training program, you will be ready to own and operate a restaurant!
Will you assist me with establishing my vendor relationships and initial inventory purchase?
Yes. Our national suppliers have been chosen to provide you all the supplies that you need to run our system. Our experience in the business has taught us that having a consistent product makes your job easier as a franchise owner. We have negotiated all the pricing for your location, and we will assist you with your opening inventory purchase.
Will you assist me with my construction and opening?
Experience has its advantages. We will assist you with all aspects of construction while you build out your Himes Breakfast House. Furthermore, we will assist you with best practices in hiring your team and have our training team on site for your teams training and opening. We will discuss this in-depth during Discovery Day.
Do you offer a multiple unit franchise opportunity?
Absolutley! We understand that you may want the flexibility to open multiple locations and have complete control of your territory. You are provided a protected territory as part of your franchise agreement. We will also provide you a first right of refusal for adjacent territories at the time of your franchise closing.
What are the initial franchise fees and ongoing royalty fee?
The initial franchisee fee is $40,000, this includes your training and opening team. You will pay ongoing royalties of 4% of gross sales and will contribute 1% of gross sales to shared advertising. We ask that you spend a minimum of 1% of gross sales on local marketing and have $20,000 set aside for your market introduction and grand opening marketing. **
What are the initial investment requirements?
Starting your own business is one of the most rewarding and impactful decisions you will make in your life. It is very important to paint a detailed picture of your financial future before making the decision to open your Himes Breakfast House. The initial investment is between 366,100 - 739,400 which includes the initial franchise fee of 40,000. You should have a minimum net worth of 500,000 with 150,000 liquid cash available.**
How much can I make?
Your profitability will be determined by a number of factors: your location, seating capacity, pricing and management structure are just a few things to consider. We will give you the tools you need to build your business plan including a detailed breakdown of our current operating unit's gross sales and profits during our Program review.
Where should I locate my restaurant?
As you have heard the adage. Location. Location. Location. The concept will work in both urban and suburban locations. We have real estate professionals standing by to help, or we will work directly with someone you trust to find the best location available. Ideally, we would like to see you in approximately 2,500-3,000 square feet of space and have outdoor seating available if possible. It is not necessary for you to have a strong anchor tenant; however, visibility and signage is very important.
How long will it take me to open my business once I have signed a franchise agreement?
Your first location will generally open within 6 – 9 months of signing your agreement. If your location has already been identified, the time to open can be reduced considerably.
Will you help me with my initial marketing strategy and grand opening?
Yes. We will assist you with all aspects of your marketing program and advise you on your grand opening spend and strategy.

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